5 Things That Designers Always Buy On Wayfair

By Furniture 21

Designers recommend Wayfair as an alternative where you don’t have to go to furniture stores or wait for weeks if not months for your order. Millions of furniture and decor options, incorporateable into your space for just a click and quick delivery summary, are available at Wayfair’s online platform. From cheap to trendy gadgets, it is the ultimate online store. The Wayfair bandwagon is so strong that pros are on board.

“I’ve used Wayfair on numerous projects,” said Kelley Kolettis, an interior designer based in Little Rock, Arkansas. “I can find high-end products sold through many vendors but at a similar (or lower) price. That makes it easy for my clients to buy across multiple items instead of shopping the individual sites.”
What distinguishes Wayfair is that it has millions of possible options. But at the same time, it makes shopping a little more daunting. Shop with a Plan: Our Favorite Wayfair’ Finds That Designers Buy.

Accent Furniture

Kolettis says, “Having accent pieces that are special and don’t look like they were purchased from a big box store makes your space feel more curated and collected.” “Most of Wayfair’s accent pieces can be customized to preferred stain color, fabric color, metals, etc., giving the user an illusion of buying a custom piece.”
Brett Seidl, principal designer at Lewis & Rose Interiors in Frisco, Texas, also uses Wayfair to find distinctive furniture. Decidedly, however, this coffee table and the chairs also bring a modernizing effect into her love quest.
Willbanks Upholstered Armchair

Seidl says, “I just adore the hammered brass detail on this coffee table base as it takes the design up a notch, and I love how simplistic yet luxe this detail is.” The chairs are versatile – we love the juxtaposition between clean, sophisticated, and cozy casual; they work well in various styles.”


The Best Bud grays and whites should retreat to Wayfair for cheap, quality beds and bed frames, plus small bedside tables from Lee Anne Stelte, a Bentonville, Arkansas-based interior designer. Similarly, designer Samantha Stein has also turned to a bed frame found on Wayfair to outfit her home in Nashville, Tennessee.

Stein states, “I bought this upholstered bed from Wayfair recently after moving to a new home. I got it in 10 days; it’s great quality. It is more than I could ask for. It is of a classic shape and can go with everything in the natural linen fabric. Fourth, it does not even use a box spring. “I would never have guessed it descended from a high-end trader vendor!”

Name Brand Furniture

“Wayfair, Inc.” Kolettis reveals, “Most big-name furniture companies have started listing their items on Wayfair.” This lets you furnish an entire room without visiting numerous local stores and arranging deliveries for multiple purchases. These are the brands many interior designers resort to – Hooker, Bernhardt, Lexington, or Global Views; however, without going through large design markets or individual vendor purchases, Wayfair is a single place for luxury high-end furniture”.

Light Fixtures

Moreover, Wayfair does not focus on furniture only. Lighting fixtures also attract designers such as Seidl. She especially recommends this chandelier.

Seidl states, “This dripping-with-modern-luxury chandelier looks expensive, costs next to nothing, and could add the wow factor to any dining or living room.” “These frosted globes are everything with the brass and black mix for the on-point modern update.”

Throw Pillows And Inserts

Digging deep enough, you can find cute throw pillows practically anywhere. The hard part, raves Kolettis, is to see both the pillowcover and the insert online.

Wayfair Throw Pillows
Wayfair Throw Pillows

“She explains that nowadays, most of the online vendors are selling their throw pillows as the cover only without the insert which reduces their shipping costs”. “I do this by purchasing a better quality of upholstery fabric pillow cases and then buy down filled inserts or the synthetic inserts that may be higher quality than your normal store-bought pillows, just to add different fabrics and texture to the space giving more of a custom designer feel.”